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STATE GRANT STATUS REPORT I have the first of the status reports up. Use this link: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/e/2PACX-1vTDiKrsI3xy_Guccag6T4uVJ51NnZqUnbN-ZUll7nUOOg1_y-UfBryys9VMSH8uKPg8gmIHyuqSeT9s/pubhtml

I will update with a new report later today and Monday too.

Check to see:
1. that your district has started or submitted the application.

2. that all of your teams from the district for FRC, FTC, FLL and Jr. FLL are on there

3.All info is accurate.

Instructions are at the top on what to do if there are errors.

It is important to resolve your application issue today. This will allow you to recheck that everything is fixed when the Monday reports come out.

Keep in mind our contact at the MDE, Amanda Stoel (pronounced Stool) leaves the MDE around 4pm on Monday so you will have to email her with issues after that. This will also help preserve your record.

Here's her contact info: Amanda Stoel stoela@michigan.gov 517-241-3629

The student roster does not get included with the MEGS+ application. It's not due to them until the end of April.

You do have to include a spending plan for the district. Use the template located at techplan.org/rdi/ It makes life simple. You fill in the number of teams you have at each level and stipends you need at each level and it spits it all out on the next tab!

AFTER HOURS PHONE NUMBERS AND EMAILS Make sure you have the cell phone number of your level 5 person (the one who fills out the grant)so you can reach them after hours, especially on Monday after school is closed!

Likewise, be sure your team information on the FIRST website includes your cell phone and non-school email. I may need to reach you after school hours to fix something.

PAYING FOR THE SEASON Remember the State money comes to the district, not to FIRST. This means your school has to pay FIRST.

Rookies receiving the FRC Rookie grant they applied for last night will see the amount due to FIRST reduced by the $4,000 leaving only a $2,000 balance. These will be in a week or so, shortly after NASA announces their grant teams.

EVENTS I will be adding an event or two once the final rookie teams are in so don't worry just yet if you are still on a waitlist for your second event. Things will shift around once I add events.

AS always, let me know if you have any questions, anytime day or night.

Gail Alpert 248-425-4148

I have been getting a lot of emails asking how the event preferences will work, especially as they relate to home events. Also FIRST is working to fix the consent and release error that claims you are a minor!

FIRST handles all the event registration, not FIRST in Michigan. They will let you know how to fill out your preferences.
  • The way it will work is this:
  • There will be two separate lotteries:
    • First for your first event.
    • Second, for your second event.
  • You get a different lottery number for each.

For your first event, if you want to attend your closest one, defined as your "home event", then you simply enter that event and NO OTHERS. You will automatically be placed in there.

All Kettering home event teams will be placed into Kettering 1. If you want Kettering 2, simply sign up for Ketttering 1 and fill out this form to be switched:


If you don't want your home event, submit your preference list. After placing all the home event teams first, the computer will go through by lottery number and place you into the highest event on your list that is open. If you only have a single choice and that event has no open spots, it will place you on the waitlist and you will be moved in from the waitlist when a spot opens.

Keep in mind that we hold back 6-8 spots at every event beyond the home team list for late joining rookies that will need to get into their home event. That is far more spots than we ultimately need.

Watch for an email from FIRST with more details.

Gail Alpert