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If you have not already done so, please go in and update your information for the season. Your team needs to be "Event Ready" to place your event preferences on Sept 21. Event Ready means:
  1. The team has 2 screened coaches
  2. Both coaches/mentors have accepted the Terms and Conditions for the 2018 season
  3. Both coaches/mentors have accepted the Code of Conduct for the 2018 season
  4. Both coaches/mentors have accepted the YPP (Youth Protection Policy) for the 2018 season
All the above conditions must be met for the team to be able to select event preferences on Thursday, September 21st.

Event Selection:
Each Michigan Team will be assigned to a home event. You are guaranteed a spot at your home event if you put it first on your preference list. In essence, the first sweep the computer makes it to give home events to all that have it listed first on their list. In fact, you don't need to add any other events to your list except your home event.

During the second event registration, that's when you can enter whatever other event you want.

If you don't want your home event, feel free to enter a list of the events you do want instead.

Please note that once you register for a non-home event, your home event spot will be released.

1. State Grant
The MDE is busy getting our criteria for the state grant this season approved. We anticipate Dollar amounts will be as follows:

High School FRC:
$7,500 Rookies this season
$5,000 2nd year teams
$2,000 3rd year teams
$1,000 4th year and beyond

$1,500 Coach Stipend, one FRC coach stipend per building

Middle School FTC:
$300 Team Support for any age team
$1,000 Coach Stipend, one FTC Coach stipend per building

Late Elementary FLL (starting in grade 4 - end of ele)
$200 Team Support for any age team
$750 Coach Stipend, one FLL coach stipend per building

Early Elementary FLL Jr. grades K-3
$100 Team Support for any age team
$350 Coach Stipend, one FLL Jr. coach stipend per building

New this year, so far, non-public schools are eligible. The pool of money is smaller ($300,000 vs. $2,500,000) and we are not sure if there will be a legal challenge, but until there is, your non-public school should apply.e apply. We have to share the private bucket with Science Olympiad. Let your private schools know.

The grant will open in MEGS+ on September 26, 2017, and are due by 11:59 p.m. on November 6, 2017. Remember that only one employee in the district has access through password for MEGS+, and that person is usually found in the superintendents office. The district fills out ONE application with separate pages for each team in the district across all levels.

The MDE grant DOES NOT pay your registration fee to FIRST. The School or sponsor pays, and then the district gets reimbursed monthly starting in January, through August.

For those new to FIRST, payment of the registration fee to FIRST is not due until November. Placing your preferences for events has NOTHING TO DO WITH PAYING. Paying comes later.

Please remember that FIRST will accept a PO as payment for your events that is conditioned upon you getting the State Grant. Just include this language on your PO to FIRST:
In the event our team is not awarded the State Grant, this PO, at our option, may be declared null and void.

This is great since the State Grant recipients won't be announced until late December.

NASA Grant:
The NASA Grant is open now until the end of September by applying at the link below. Keep in mind that not a lot of Michigan teams will get it, but you may as well still apply.


There is an additional grant all rookies should apply for called the FRC Rookie Grant. It pays $4,000 this year and $2,000 yr 2. This grant goes right into your account to bring down your registration fee:

FRC Rookie Grant:
Opens: Thursday, August 17th
Closes: Thursday, November 2nd
Team notification: Friday, November 10th or after NASA is announced, whichever comes later

FRC teams:
FRC Hardship Grant
Opens: Monday, November 20th
Closes: Monday, November 27th
Teams notification: Thursday, November 30th

Feeder teams:
If you school has not started a feeder middle school team, we have grants to get your kits and reg fees paid for in full. Same for the late elementary FLL teams. Here are the requirements:
  1. The team is associated with a school or 501 c3 organizaton.
  2. The team is in the right age program, meaning they must be aligned properly to our progression:
    FTC is our only middle school program
    FLL is our only elementary program starting in 4th grade
    FLL JR is our only early elementary for grades K-3

If your district has buildings that are K-8 or K-12, look at where the district considers middle school to start, or simply call us. These feeder programs will make recruiting for high school FRC a BREEZE. And the kids will come up with their parents and with mega skills. Remember too that our feeder programs run in the fall and are finished by the time FRC starts, though we do run a few spring events for FLL and FTC for teams start really late.

Please help us align your feeder teams to our progression, especially for those FLL teams now aging out. Repopulate the teams with the younger kids, and move the older ones to FTC!

Lastly, please remember to always tell me your team number and school/org name in your emails and phone calls!

I am looking forward to an amazing season.

Gail Alpert
I have been getting a lot of emails asking how the event preferences will work, especially as they relate to home events. Also FIRST is working to fix the consent and release error that claims you are a minor!

FIRST handles all the event registration, not FIRST in Michigan. They will let you know how to fill out your preferences.
  • The way it will work is this:
  • There will be two separate lotteries:
    • First for your first event.
    • Second, for your second event.
  • You get a different lottery number for each.

For your first event, if you want to attend your closest one, defined as your "home event", then you simply enter that event and NO OTHERS. You will automatically be placed in there.

All Kettering home event teams will be placed into Kettering 1. If you want Kettering 2, simply sign up for Ketttering 1 and fill out this form to be switched:


If you don't want your home event, submit your preference list. After placing all the home event teams first, the computer will go through by lottery number and place you into the highest event on your list that is open. If you only have a single choice and that event has no open spots, it will place you on the waitlist and you will be moved in from the waitlist when a spot opens.

Keep in mind that we hold back 6-8 spots at every event beyond the home team list for late joining rookies that will need to get into their home event. That is far more spots than we ultimately need.

Watch for an email from FIRST with more details.

Gail Alpert