FIRST LEGO League (FLL) is part of Michigan's FIRST family of programs positioned as an upper elementary program (Grade 4 through end of elementary school). It is a partnership between the LEGO Group and FIRST committed to creating robotic competition programs that will excite and inspire children to excel in math and science.

In late August or early September FLL releases a Challenge which is based on a real-world scientific topic. Each Challenge has two parts: The Robot Game and The Project. Teams of two to ten children, guided by coaches and mentors, develop an autonomous robot using the LEGO Mindstorms kit to score points on a themed playing field (Robot Game). They also research, develop and present a solution to a research problem (Project). Teams may then choose to attend an official tournament hosted by a tournament director under the guidance of our FLL Operational Partners.

The Challenge is “what we do” - Core Values are “how we do it”. The FLL Core Values are the cornerstones of the FLL program. Participants learn that friendly competition and mutual gain are not separate goals; helping one another is the foundation of teamwork.

Past Challenges have been based on topics such as nanotechnology, climate and transportation. By designing the Challenges around such topics, participants are exposed to potential career paths. Team members also learn valuable life and employment skills which will benefit them no matter which career path they choose.

FLL Challenge